"Kitty can catch it, but won't get caught!"

The "Kitty Catch It" string is made from durable yet flexible space age material that allows your kitty to catch the string and not get their claws stuck.

This isn't your grandma's yarn! You live in the future where we've even improved string!
You'll get 9FT of fun!

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Featured Happy Cat

Luma can be a little gremlin when she doesn't get her play time. She was rescued from a drain pipe as a kitten because of her very loud voice. Thanks Michigan Humane!

Luma will carry a Kitty Catch It string around the house howling and drop it when she finds you. Then you know it's play time!

See Luma's Story

Build a Special Bond with Your Kitty

Cat's instincts are to hunt. When we interact with our Kitty,
they feel satisfied and will be less destructive,
less bothersome and a happier kitty!

Playing together is hunting together in their minds,
this forms a special bond that robotic toys never will.

It's not just playtime, it's bonding time.

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    Eco friendly packaging should be the norm, not the exception. All of our shipping materials are earth friendly

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  • Paws Before Profits

    Our focus is different, we want to help improve the wellbeing of animals and their human partners

    20% of proceeds are given to animal welfare groups to help animals

  • Shop Domestic

    Did you know then less then 2% of pet toys are Made in the States? We're out to change that. All our products are Made in the US!

    Your supporting domestic kitties!

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A Safe Cat Toy That's Made in the USA

Most cat toys contain harmful chemicals and less then 2% of pet toys are made in the U.S.A.

Our products are Non-toxic and our company is based Michigan. All our cat toys are made in the United States, because we want to help the humans in our commuity, as well as the animals.

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See Luma and Chroma Playing

  • Felix & Fritz

    "Our rambunctious brothers can be a handful. They are big cats that have torn through a door! Since we started playing with them and giving them something to chase, they have been more calm and not destructive. Thank you so much!"

    -Laura Y.

  • Sandra

    "Sandra is an older cat and doesn't run very much. Since the catch it, i've been able to keep her more active. She'll follow me when I tie it to myself while i'm active around the house. I never worry about her claws getting stuck. It's so fun! Plus she love to chew on it and feel she caught something. We Love this cat toy!"

    -Cody S.

  • Mr. Fancy Paws

    "Our cat Mr Fancy paws is a big spoiled poof ball. He's lazy and doesn't like to play with much. We tried the Kitty Catch it, and now I swear he asks us to play when he's board. He is very demanding and now that I'm at home more, is a clock watcher! He'll want to play a bit before it's lunch and after catching his "prey", he's ready for lunch. Thanks for the great cat toy, and I love that it's made in the USA."

    -Brenda O.

Safe For Kitty - As you would expect!

You would think most cat toys are Non-Toxic, but unfortunitly many imported products DO contain these harmful chemcials.

We want all pets to live long and healthy lives. That's why we take extra steps to ensure all our products are made with Non-Toxic materials and are BPA free. Keeping our mfg process in the United States helps ensure this quality standard. It's our dedication to the animals that we call family.

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