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The Original 'Kitty Catch-It' String - "Best Cat Toy Ever!"

The Original 'Kitty Catch-It' String - "Best Cat Toy Ever!"

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Does your cat scratch furniture? Does your cat ever howl into the air? They are likely a BORED kitty! Don't let your pet annoy you; Engage with your cat by playing together with the Kitty Catch-It! 

"It's the best cat toy ever!" Made with modern and safe for pet materials, the Catch-it string is a revolutionary new way to play with your cat! This is not your grandma-ma's yarn.  It's the most fun cat toy because it's also fun for you, the human. It’s durable yet flexible space age material allows kitty to catch the string, and NOT get their claws stuck. Kitty can catch it but won't get caught!

You'll get 9ft of the original Kitty Catch-It string for only $9 with FREE SHIPPING! 

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