FAQ about the Best Cat Toy Ever - Kitty Catch It String

1. Q: Can my kitty chew on the Catch It string?     A: Yes, our products are non-toxic and meant to be chewed. 

2. Q: Are your toys really made in the US, not just packaged here?     A: Yes, they are actually made and packaged here in the United States. 

3. Q: What if my kitty chews threw the sting?      A: Then you have two shorter strings to play with! Many people actually cut the Catch It strings to the size they want.  

4. Q: What if my cat is afraid of the catch it string?     A: Cats sometimes fear what they don't know. Let them approach it and smell it. Show them it's not going to hurt you or them. Once they see it as a toy, they tend to get over the fear after a try or two. If kitty just can't get over that it might be a snake and want nothing to do with it, and you haven't cut the string, you can always return it for a full refund. 

5. Q: Will my cat attack power cords more after playing with the Catch It?     A: It's our research and experience, no, it doesn't increase their interest in other cables. The reason is they don't move, and you make the Catch It sting come alive. So they learn that it's a toy. It also has a unique texture and size from other cables, so kitty won't get it confused. 

6. Q: Is this a real cat toy!?     A: As real as your cat! We make cat toys, so we like to have fun with our videos. 

7. Q: Why are you the best cat toy?    A: Lots of reasons make you stand above the crowd. Our main goal is that it's actually fun for you, the human, as well! It's not a set it and forget it toy, cats quickly get board with these expensive toys. It's affordable, has free shipping, gives back to pet shelters, is made is the US and uses sustainable shipping materials. For all these reasons, the Kitty Catch It is the best cat toy ever! That and the cat's ACTULLY enjoy playing with them for many years. 

You & Kitty Will Love It!

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It's Non-toxic and safe for animals. We use substainable packaging, and 20% of proceeds help animals in need. What's not to love!

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