Featured Happy Cat

This is Luma, a very specail kitty with only 8 lives left. At a very young age, she fell down a drain pipe. She swam and held on, her loud voice carried and someone called Michigan Humane.

They rescued her and helped her become strong and find her forever home. Now she's a big snuggler, and loves attention from her people.

Luma also is a gremlin and NEEDS to play or becomes agressive towards the other cat. She'll tell us when she's ready by carrying a Kitty Catch It in her mouth and yelling at full volume.

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Featured Happy Cat - Stories of why it's the best cat toy

Luma's Story

Luma was saved by her voice. As a tiny kitten, she fell down a drain pipe! Because of her very loud voice she was rescued.  What's even more incredible is she was saved using string! Thanks Michigan Humane!

Here is what Luma's Human said about:

Luma's favorite cat toy: 
"Luma can be a little gremlin when she doesn't get her play time. Luma will carry a Kitty Catch It string around the house howling and drops it when she finds you. She is so loud, the entire house knows it's play time! The only toy she does that with is the Catch It string. A few minutes of play time with her Kitty Catch It string and she's content. She goes from gremlin mode to cuddle bug, it's magical!"


Luma's favorite treat:
"Her favorite is cat grass. If you are going outside, she will politely request you bring back in a strand for her to nom on." 


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