Paws Before Profits

We believe that every furry friend deserves love, care, and a little bit of fun. That's why we are proud to donate 20% of our proceeds to non-profit organizations that provide shelter and support for animals in need. We believe in making a positive impact in the lives of pets and their owners, all while keeping tails wagging and paws playful. Join us in our mission to spread joy and support animal welfare – one toy at a time!

Paws Before Profits - The Cat Toys that Give Back

Here at Critter Comforts, we believe in Paws before Profits. That's why we're committed to giving back to non-profit organizations that shelter precious animals in need. With every purchase you make, 20% of the proceeds go towards supporting these organizations, helping animals find their forever homes and providing them with the best care possible. Rescuing animals in need, and giving life saving support. 

We understand how important it is to support local animal shelters, as they play a vital role in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals in your community. By working together, we can help make a difference in the lives of animals everywhere. So, join us in our mission to give back and shop with a purpose! Together, let's create a world where every animal is loved and cherished.

20% Gives Back

Each Quarter we look at which area codes bought the most of our products. Then a pet shelter in each area will receive a donation check. We want all animals to find a forever home, and local shelters are a must in every community. Bs sure to support your local animal shelter.

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