About Critter Comforts - Creators of The "Kitty Catch It" string

We are passionate about improving the lives of cats and supporting their wellbeing at Critter Comforts. Pets are integral members of our families, deserving of love, attention, and high-quality toys.

Our mission is simple: to create innovative and engaging cat toys made in the USA that allow humans and their feline companions to play together and strengthen their bond. Our toys are designed to stimulate a cat's natural instincts and encourage exercise, exploration, and mental stimulation.

We take pride in the quality of our products and use only safe and durable materials that are free from harmful chemicals. We are also animal lovers, we understand the importance of giving back. That's why we donate 20% of our proceeds to animal welfare non-profits that work tirelessly to support cats and other animals in need.

Whether you're a cat owner or simply want to support our cause, we invite you to join us in our mission to improve the lives of cats and promote their welfare. Thank you for considering Critter Comforts for your feline friend's toy needs.

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It's Non-toxic and safe for animals. We use substainable packaging, and 20% of proceeds help animals in need. What's not to love!

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